Welcome PKC Campers!

Are you ready for camp this week? We certainly are! Although COVID-19 has prevented us from meeting like we normally would, we are excited to still connect with you through PKC Camp@Home! This week is going to be full of crazy fun activities and wild surprises made just for you! Each day will follow a different theme, inspired by some of our favorite camps we have done in the past. Camps like Top Secret, Color Wars, and Mad Scientist!  

Inside your box, we have given you the materials and instructions you’ll need to have the full PKC Camp@Home experience. Each day has its own bag, and any extra materials outside the bag will have a matching sticker on it for the day it’s used. Your parents have been invited to join our Facebook group called “PKC Camp@Home”, which will have our PKC Morning News every day and your parents can send in pictures/videos of your activities during the day to share with other campers. Some of you might even get the chance to be featured on our PKC Morning News!

While Camp@Home can be done anytime, we’d love for you to follow along with us July 13-17. Each morning we’ll email parents at 9:00a with a link to the video for that day, a reminder to join the morning news, and any special instructions you need for that day’s activities.

We are so excited for you to receive your box and to get a taste of camp right in your own home! We look forward to seeing some of your photos on our Facebook page of all the fun you are having. Enjoy Parkview Kids Camp at home!

What is in your box?

You have a week of over 16 of our favorite Parkview Kids Camp games and activities, 5 days of worship and lesson videos, and access to our morning news segment all packed into one box! We divided up your materials by the days you’ll use them. Since each package is for a new day of the week, make sure to only open up the package for the right day! You might have some materials that we couldn’t fit in the bag, and those will be labeled with a matching sticker to the day of the activity bag you’ll need it. Below, we’ve made a list of items you’ll need to keep for more than one day.

Items Days You Will Use Them
Colored Pencils Monday, Tuesday
Pencil Every Day for Reflection
Masking Tape Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday
Glass Mason Jars Monday, Thursday
Safety Scissors Monday, Wednesday, Friday
Watercolor Paint Set Tuesday, Wednesday
Plastic Tablecloth Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday

What is Reflection Time?

This is your time to be creative and reflect on the day’s lesson video. In your box, you will find a journal. This journal comes with 3D glasses so that you can have even more fun! This journal is not only for fun. It is for you to answer some questions about the Bible lesson every day. For example; on Monday, you can grab your Monday reflection sheet and start answering those questions in your new 3D journal! You can keep doing this at the end of every day in order to think about God more in your week.

That’s all for now. Don’t forget to have your parents check their email every day for our daily emails and make sure they join the Facebook Group “PKC Camp@Home”!

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