Flexible Pricing Program

Using the Program

The Flexible Pricing Program exists to help families send their kids to camp so that they can have their best summer ever! The program is supported by donations from Camp families and local organizations. Utilizing the Flexible Pricing Program is easy, just follow the steps below.

1. Register for Camp: Head over to the Elementary page and take a look at the available camps and, when you’re ready, click register.

2. Use the Flexible Pricing Payment Option: Choose to use to Flexible Pricing Program when you get to the payment screen, then pay your deposit for camp to hold your spot.

3. Wait for Your Email: We’ll email you within a few days (don’t worry, your spot is locked in). Just respond to that email with the pricing tier your family fits in and we’ll apply that price to your account and set up a payment plan for you. 

4. Have the Best Summer Ever: We don’t need to explain this one


Pricing Tiers

Prices are based on household income; just find the income bracket that matches your family and that will be the price you pay for camp. Need a hand getting your camper to camp but don’t fall into one of the brackets? Email us at kidscamp@parkview.cc and we will do our best to assist you.

$80,001 and above

$ 199

$80,000 to $70,001

$ 169

$70,000 to $60,001

$ 149

$60,000 to $50,001

$ 129

$50,000 and below

$ 99


How many weeks of camp can I use the Flexible Pricing Program to pay for?

You can pay for up to two weeks of camp using your Flexible Pricing Program discount. 

Is there a cut-off for the Flexible Pricing Program?

The Flexible Pricing Program runs through the end of camp, however, because it is supported by donations, the program ends once all funds have been committed to campers.

What if the discount for my bracket doesn’t meet my family’s needs?

We want to help every kid get to camp, so email us at kidscamp@parkview.cc and we will do our best to help your camper get to camp.