Extended Care

Offered to Elementary Kids

Hey, moms and dads! Do you go to work early and/or get off late?

Parkview Kids Camp has a program just for your children! Our Extended Care program provides leaders to watch your children in the morning before camp or the afternoon after camp. You can sign up for these sessions online or show up the day of and pay with cash or a check.

Morning Session: 7:30 – 9:45a
Afternoon Session: 3:30 – 5:30p
Extended care is provided for Elementary campers only. We ask all student leaders to be picked up during the end of camp at 3:30p. Thank you in advance!



Daily Rate: $15 for AM or PM

Weekly Rate: $45 for AM or PM. $90 if registered for both AM and PM.

You can sign up for Extended Care on-line or just show up and we will apply the charges to your account and bill you at the end of the week

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Drop Off/Pick Up Procedures

All drop-offs and pick-ups will happen downstairs in the 4th/5th Grade room. To check-in, all children must be accompanied by a responsible adult, which we define as a person 16 years old or older in charge of the well being of your child at that time.

Drop-off/Pick-up requires a parent/guardian be present during check-in. Along with your child’s name tags, a security tag is also printed. This tag leaves with you or your designated guardian to facility pick-up later in the day. No unattended child will be placed into Extended Care.

Check-in to Extended Care automatically checks your child into that
day’s camp.


Camp Fees & Payments

A $30 deposit is due for each week of camp at the time of registration, payable by credit card. You will have the option to select from several payment plan options before finalizing your registration. 

Available Payment Options
  • Pay in Full: Pay the full balance of your account.
  • Installment Plans: Break your account balance into monthly payments. Depending on the date of registration, plans range from 5 installments to 2 installments.
  • Flexible Pricing Program: Pay your deposit only and return to pay the balance later after receiving confirmation for the Flexible Pricing Program.
Flexible Pricing Program

Only registrations for the Elementary Camp are eligible for the Flexible Pricing Program. The program is designed to assist families in getting their kids to Parkview Kids Camp and is based on household income. Each Elementary camper can receive up to one week of assistance from the Flexible Pricing Program. When registering your camper(s), please select the Installment Plan payment option, Pay the deposit, and our admin will contact you with more information.

*The Flexible Pricing Program is supported by donations to Parkview Kids Camp and is only available while funds last.

Sibling Discounts

All families registering multiple campers will receive and automatic $5 discount per camper per week of camp.

Wait List

If the activity group or week that your camper wants is full, you can choose to put them on a waitlist. We endeavor to ensure every child has the opportunity to participate in camp, but waitlists are necessary to ensure we maintain a balanced staff-camper ratio throughout the week.

Here’s what to expect if your child is on a waitlist: 

  1. If a spot becomes available, we’ll contact you via email or phone. You’ll need to respond within 24 hours. If we don’t hear back, we can no longer guarantee your spot and we’ll move on to the next person on the waitlist.
  2. We try to fill open spots as soon as they become available, but last minute cancellations do happen, so please be aware of the 24 hours response time.
  3. Once you accept an open spot at Parkview Kids Camp, the registration fee will become due. Per our standard cancellation policy, full refunds are only given for cancellations that happen 10 days prior to the start of the given week of camp registered for. Cancellations made after this point may not receive a full refund.
  4. While you are on a waitlist, we highly recommend you register your child/children for any open spots that are available.  This guarantees your child/children a spot at Parkview Kids Camp, and we can transfer them into their Activity Group if space arises.
Cancellations & Changing Your Registration

To cancel a week of camp or change your registration, email kidscamp@parkview.cc.

To switch weeks of camp please email kidscamp@parkview.cc. Do not request a cancellation, as there is no fee for changing weeks. Our registrar will take care of a switch on our end if there is space available in the week you are requesting.


All cancellations made within 10 days of the start of the week of camp you are canceling will be refunded less a cancellation fee of $30 for Elementary.

Refunds will not be issued for the following reasons:

  • Cancellation was requested after the 10 day deadline.
  • Parent Choice: A day of rest, family trip, sports event, etc.
  • Discipline: A day requested by the Camp Director so that behavior problems may be dealt with. Physical violence will result in a child going home and after discussion with a parent may result in the child being asked to take one or more days off from camp.

If a sick camper will miss the week they are scheduled to attend, a transfer of registration to another week can be made without penalty as long as there is space available. If it is not possible, a full refund, minus a cancellation fee, will be made.

What should I expect when checking my camper in or out?
When campers are dropped off, they will receive two nametags – one to wear, one for the attendance roster. Parents will receive a numbered security tag corresponding to the number on their camper’s tag. A camper will only be released to the person with the corresponding security tag. 

Who can drop off my camper?
Any adult (16 years or older) is allowed to drop off your camper. Be aware that the adult who drops off is the adult who receives the security tags needed for pick-up.

What if the person picking my child up is different from the one who dropped them off?
Simply transfer the claim tag to that individual OR send them a picture of the security tag. If the individual can show us the security tag on their mobile device, we will allow them to pick up your child. Your online registration provides a place to identify individuals approved for pick up. You can also add people by contacting kidscamp@parkview.cc . This is only used in the event an individual is not able to present a security tag during pick-up.

What happens if I can’t find my security tag and don’t have a picture of it?
We will allow campers to be released to an adult listed as approved on that camper’s registration. The adult must present a government issued photo I.D. which we will copy and keep for our records. This process is time-consuming, so we encourage you to keep your security tags in a safe place to expedite the check-out process.

Where is check-in for Parkview Kids Camp?
Check-in takes place right inside door 10. Our Summer Staff will assist you with the check-in process and our Student Leaders will escort your child to the appropriate area.

Where is check-out for Parkview Kids Camp?Check-out takes place inside the building, down the stairs on the west side of the building (to the left of the elevator).

What happens if I’m late checking into Parkview Kids Camp?
If you arrive late to check-in, please use the elevator or the staircase located on the West side of the lobby to get to the Parkview office. Once there, a staff member will be able to check you in and escort your camper to the appropriate area.

What happens if I need to check-out early?
An adult picking a camper up early must proceed to the Parkview office where their camper will be brought to them. We are not able to have campers waiting in the office ahead of time, so we ask that you plan an extra 5 to 10 minutes for early check-outs. We will only release campers to an adult in the Parkview office, this allows us to make sure our security protocols are followed and helps ensure the safety of all campers.

What should my child wear?
Campers should dress comfortably for the weather. Shoes with backs are strongly recommended for all camps, no matter how active or inactive they appear. If additional clothing is needed for a particular activity (i.e., dress up day, water day, Fire Truck day, etc.), an email will be sent out ahead of time.

Because campers are likely to spend extended periods of time outside, please put sunscreen on your camper before dropping them off at camp.

What do I need to bring to camp?
For most activities, there is no required equipment; however, you’ll want to pack a water bottle and lunch each day (except for hot dog day on Thursday). Some camps require a change of clothes or swimwear (i.e., Color Wars, Soaked). You will be notified via email of any additional items or equipment needed for a specific day.

How do you handle heat issues?
We have water available at all times. We also carefully monitor the heat index. If it is 100 degrees Fahrenheit or above, we bring all campers indoors.

How do I get information to my child during camp hours?
For non-emergencies, we ask that you contact us at Kidscamp@parkview.cc.
For emergency situations, please contact Parkview Community Church at (630) 469-4306.

What does a typical day at Parkview Kids Camp look like?
Each morning campers compete in an all-camp game for Popsicle Points. After the game is finished, they are dismissed to their activity groups until lunch. During lunch, campers hang out on the lawn, if it is raining, they eat in the gym. After lunch campers are brought inside for worship, games and large group teaching. They are then broken up into small groups to talk about that day’s lesson. The rest of the afternoon is spent in their chosen activity groups. At 3:15p, we gather everyone to share cheers and dismiss to parents.

Why doesn’t Parkview Kids Camp have a friend request option?
When a camper is registered, they select an activity group (ex. Last Blast) To ensure friends will be together, they should be signed up for the same camp activity group. Be aware of the week that your camper is registered as some camp activity groups are repeated throughout the Summer.

My child needs to take medication during camp hours. Are you equipped to administer this necessity?
Yes!  Our staff is first-aid certified and prepared to help care for all needs, including medication. Medications, including over the counter drugs and epi-pens, must be designated on the child’s registration form.

What do I do if my child is sick?
In order to provide a safe, healthy environment for all, we ask you to keep your camper home if they show any signs of illness, such as a runny nose, persistent cough, fever, vomit, diarrhea etc., until they have been symptom-free for 24 hours.

How will I be notified if my child gets sick at camp?
If your child gets sick at camp, our team will contact you using the information provided upon registration.

Is there a camp for my child with special behavioral or health needs?
Parkview Kids Camp does not provide a special needs camp but we desire to do our best to accommodate kids and families. Have questions about if whether or not Parkview Kids Camp is right for your camper? Contact kidscamp@parkview.cc.